tinyCam Monitor for PC/Laptop – Download on Windows 7/8/8.1/10 & Mac

Surveillance systems are one of the best ways to maintain our important assets monitored and safe. As we can actually see what’s going on at home or the office while we are out. But this is not the only function for this kind of system, you can also monitor your baby, pet, maybe an ill relative that is inside your house while you keep doing your entire home works. It’s as simple as using your laptop or PC to maintain sight of every camera available at home. It doesn’t matter if they’re old smart devices turned into the camera, CCTV or DVR systems or a webcam, you just need the tinyCam Monitor for PC App and you’ll be able to survey all of them from your PC and Mac. Follow this simple guide to know how to download the app.

Download tinyCam Monitor for PC Windows & Mac

Step 1: Android Emulator

As tinyCam Monitor Free App is only officially available for smart devices such as smartphones or tablet. You can’t actually download it directly to your PC, you have to download an Android Emulator.

We recommend BlueStacks or KOPLAYER. Once you’ve downloaded it, you’ll be able to run apps as if your PC were an Android device.

Step 2: Downloading tinyCam Monitor Free App for pc

Once you’ve started the Android Emulator, enter the Google Play Store and type “tinyCam Monitor Free App” on the “search” bar. After you find it, download the tinyCam Monitor Free App. The installation will be automatic and after it’s done, you can use the app through the emulator from your PC as you were using it on your smartphone.

tinycam monitor for pc windows 7 8 10 mac

Once you are ready with downloading tinyCam Monitor Free App, you can access up to 16 cameras with an interface that allows you to view 4 cameras at the same time.

Also, if you don’t actually have a surveillance camera system, you can use smartphones or tablets to monitor your house and still use the tinyCam Monitor for PC or Laptop.

How to synchronize a smart device cam with tinyCam Monitor App on your PC

If you only want to use your phone to monitor per example your baby’s room, you might check your Android version, if it’s 5.0 you just have to go to the “camera manager” and select the option “Add Android Camera”.

live preview of tinycam monitor app

If you’re planning on using an oldest Android version, you still can by following these steps:

  • Download “Ip Webcam” app for free on Google Play Store to start broadcasting from your Android’s camera.
  • Go to the tinyCam Monitor app on your PC and then tap on the “Start server” button and then scroll down.
  • Now you need to inspect your IP address and port number.
  • Hit “NO” when the app asks to search for random cameras.
  • After that hit on “Add camera” and in the section of “Camera vendor”, modify the “IP webcam for android” as your default webcam and then put your IP and port number.
  • Visit again “Home” and then tap on “Live view” option. Now you’ll check all your web cameras from Android phone into your PC or Laptop.

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tinyCam Monitor for PC/Laptop – Download on Windows 7/8/8.1/10 & Mac
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