SuperLiveHD – Download Free App for Android, iOS & PC

SuperLiveHD App: If you live in a rough neighborhood, it is not a big ask to want for a sophisticated monitoring system to protect your valuables from the grubby hands of those darkies. The art of close circuit recording and surveillance has been elevated to a new level. Thanks to bin Laden and his bunch of merry pilots.

So how can you protect yourself from all Seeing Eye? Or more importantly, how can you ensure all Seeing Eye on your capital venture?

Step 1: Keep track of your surveillance footage

The latest addition to the steadily improving market of CCTV surveillance systems is SuperLiveHD. It is a remote monitoring and supervision software available for all kinds of platforms ranging from windows to Mac. Also, works on smartphones like Android and iOS.

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The user only needs to connect and sync the recording device to the cameras from remote live streaming and high-quality feedback. In here, you will find exclusive information on how you can manage, record, and stream all your footage into the device of your choice.

Step 2: Don’t trust blindly, be ready with footage to verify

In the modern era of digital recording media and extra emphasis on verification via concrete proof. The world is changing to accept the scenario that someone is always watching. And now you can ensure the protection and management that your security protocols deserve, from the ease of your table, anytime, anywhere with this very versatile management tool.

SuperLiveHD – Protect your business with round the clock recording

If you are the owner of an office or a company and are currently availing CCTV cameras for security videos, then SuperLiveHD is the best app for all your remote surveillance.

This application will allow you full access to every one of your CCTV cameras from a single address, and they can also be recorded while streaming. Now get a complete solution to your entire security footage monitoring.

Install SuperLiveHD App on your PC/Laptop

how can you download SuperLiveHD onto your PC? Frankly, it was primarily designed keeping ht mobile wielding population in mind. And hence the PC versions have come later and been buggy. There are various websites including the parent developer, which provide the app free for download and use on a trial period basis.

Step 1: Now note that since this app is not really in the Play store. It also means that it cannot be installed in conventional ways. So here is how you can get the newest crown jewel of close quarter recording management.

Download APK file

Step 2: First you need to install an offline emulator. It will allow for third party installation with superuser access, even if your PC is not rooted. Now, most people do not know how to unlock the administrative powers of their PC and hence fall short of achieving its full potential. You can download any of the common apps for installing SuperLiveHD from any website.

Step 3: Now use the emulator to search the Play Store or Apple Store for the app. Note that this app is primarily developed for phone networks, and although PC applications can be bought at costly prices, the easiest way is to use the emulator to mimic the smart phone conditions from your PC. Using the emulator, install the app from the store. Now open to operate via all your registered cameras from one single host.

SuperLiveHD – Download Free App for Android, iOS & PC
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