SuperLive Plus – Download Official App [Updated]

Surveillance camera systems are considered necessary nowadays. With the increasing rates of burglaries and theft in various parts of the globe, it is beneficial to install IP cameras and digital video recorders. If you have installed one and you want it to manage through an app, SuperLive Plus is a good choice for you.

Basically, SuperLive Plus is a professional mobile device client software designed for IP cameras and digital video recorders in CCTV surveillance. But, make sure that your installed surveillance system is compatible with it.

superlive plus app download

This app enhances the function integration, technology optimization, and interfacial design compared to its previous version. In addition to that, it’s compatible with the new generation of the platform NVR and works with both Android and iOS.

Features of Updated Version

  • Remote playback
  • Information view
  • Live view
  • Image view
  • Local setting
  • Local record and playback
  • Remote setting

Other Functionalities of SuperLive Plus

  • Redesigned interface for easier operation and better user experience.
  • Optimizing P2P connection that makes the connection more stable and much faster that vastly enhances the success rate.
  • Adding H265 coding to make image coding more advanced and faster.
  • Optimizing H264 decoding ability to make the image more fluency and much clearer.
  • Adding numerous local settings to make the system more manageable.
  • Adding some gesture locks make the surveillance system much safer.

How to Use SuperLive Plus on Smartphones & Tablets

SuperLive Plus can work on both Android and iOS devices. Whether your smartphone runs iOS or Android, you can guarantee that it will work on your device smoothly as long as you have installed it properly.

For Android OS:

If you are using an Android device, follow these steps for the installation of the app:

  • Open Google Play Store.
  • Look for SuperLive Plus.
  • Choose the app and install it on your device.
  • Once the installation is already completed, proceed to set it up.

Download Android App

Note: You may also consider another option for Android devices and that is downloading the APK file of SuperLive Plus in some websites. Once you download the APK file on your computer, transfer it to your device and install the app. Now you can install this app on your PC device with an android emulator.

For iOS:

The process of installation for iOS devices isn’t the same as Android devices, yet it’s also easy and hassle-free. Below are the steps to follow:

  • Open the App Store on your device.
  • Look for SuperLive Plus and install the app.
  • Enter your password on iTunes Store and choose the OK button. Then, the app will be automatically installed.

Download iOS App

How to Set Up SuperLive Plus

The setting for both Android and iOS on SuperLive Plus is the same and these are the steps:

  • Login through scanning the QR code. Scan the device’s QR code on your mobile device and this will obtain the device and user information automatically.
  • After you have inputted password and nickname, choose the Play button to see the live interface.
  • You may also log in through your IP address and domain name. Input your domain name or IP address and choose “Play” for the live interface.
SuperLive Plus – Download Official App [Updated]
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