Q-See QT View – Download App for Android & iOS (iPhone/iPad)

Q-see cameras are one of the best solutions in digital surveillance actually available on the market. With a wide range of high-quality products, Q-see has become very popular among offices, stores, and even homes. This is also because, as one of its best features, Q-see allows you to monitor your cameras through any smart device you want. This is possible through their unique app Q-See QT View.

Download Q-See QT View App on Android & iOS

This app allows you to connect your central DVR with any smartphone or tablet and Q See QT View is officially available in Google Play Store and iStore. In this guide, we will explain to you how to set up the app on your smartphone or tablet.

Q-See QT View app download for android ios

Step 1: Downloading Q-See QT View app

As we said before, this app is available in both official smart stores. That’s why, depending on your device, it is as simple as connecting to the internet, searching it and, downloading it directly from your store of convenience.

Step 2: Barcode Scan

Open the Qsee QT View on your smartphone or tablet and hit the “barcode scan” button which is located at the lower right corner of the “Login” screen (where you put your user and password).

Step 3: QRCode on your DVR

On you, DVR hit the right button to open the bar menu and then search for “Main Menu” and click there (the button that resembles an open binder). Next, click on “information” button and select “QR CODE”. Scan it with your smart device camera.

Step 4: Entering the app

Once you’ve scanned the QR code, the Qsee QT View app will return to the “Login” screen. When you’re there, enter your password and you can now monitor your Qsee cameras directly and remotely with your smart device.

features of Q See QT View app

Features of the latest version

  • You can see a live feed from your cameras hitting the button “Live”.
  • Single vision is available by tapping twice on the camera you want to see.
  • Feed quality can be adjustable from the range “smooth” to “clear”, being the last one the one with the best definition (depending on your internet connection).
  • Motion alarm, video loss alarm and other notifications are available to maintain you informed all the time.
  • Remote zoom-in available on the “Live” feed.
  • It allows taking pictures and saving them on your device.
  • Memory autonomous management allows you to determine how much memory to use in recording and other functions.
  • You can display a determined number of cameras while still receiving notifications from others.

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Q-See QT View – Download App for Android & iOS (iPhone/iPad)
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