Privacy Policy

Whether you download any app on your mobile, or you visit any website for some purpose, you have to provide some information about you and to protect the communication thread privacy policies take place. When it comes to the site privacy policy, you must make yourself clear about the policies we have.

Collecting information

The information that we collect is your name, email address and few other details. You have to provide with this information when you use website to comment, subscribe or enter information into your review on our website.

The collection happens, when you register to our website, sign up for the newsletter we have, purchase any offer from website. We also take information, if you respond to any of our marketing surveys, or communicate us in any way.

If you are wondering about why we need the information, is because we can provide you with the right options based on your previous preference. This helps us to know the choices of yours, and it will also save time for you, as you will get the type of information you need, without spending much time in searching for it.

The protection of information

When you are providing information to us, it is natural for you to worry about the safety of the information. Here is how we protect the information that is given by you.

  • We resist ourselves from using the Malware Scanning.
  • The SSL Certificate is not what we use.
  • We always avoid using the PCI standard scanning, or the vulnerability scanning.

This is how, you know your information will be safe with us, and there will be no third party intrusion, to hack the data. Moreover, you only have to provide the required information and will never be asked to provide your data, like credit card information or passwords. In this way, you know the chances of your information getting hacked will be close to none.

About the Cookies

As you know, Cookies are the miniature store that is relocated to the hard drive by the source of the service. Web browser works as the medium, and it will get transferred if you allow only. These cookies are there to help the provider to distinguish the browser, and show the information according to the previous browsing.

If you shop in an online store, the cookie will store the information and will display the similar type of things, when you log in to the website. This makes the browsing a lot easier. These cookies are a great help for us, as we know your preferences, and thus we can provide you with a better service.

We employ cookies for comprehending and accumulate your predilection for prospect stopover. It helps to a mass collective records concerning the website traffic. It also helps to save the communications that are made on the website to proffer enhanced occurrence, when you revisit the website. There will not be any link to the third party available to the site so, you will not face the pop-ups now and then.

Contact Us

Do you have any queries or suggestions? Please do follow the given contact us form and then send it to us so that we can help more.

Privacy Policy
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