iVMS-4500 APK (Latest Version) Download Free

Take a scenario. A person is sitting miles away from his home, and yet is able to keep a complete track of the activities back at home. It is well understood that the CCTV cameras are installed, but how would that help? Here comes the role of iVMS-4500 app. Suitable for most of the Android and iOS devices, this allows enhanced access to the embedded  IP, DVR, and NVR type camera network.

Do you wish to keep a check on your house as well? This mobile phone based surveillance application is the best way to ensure that. As a first timer, you would need to keep in mind certain details regarding this app. So, scroll down and get all the details regarding its features, usages and specific areas.

Basic features of iVMS-4500 App

  • This has an intuitive user-interface that makes it extremely user-friendly.
  • The live video can be monitored in HD format.
  • There is a remote playback option wherein one can customize multiple settings.
  • There is the option of PTZ control.
  • Specifically suitable for businessmen to give a bird’s eye view of their business.

Thus, with a secure internet connection, you can monitor live video feed in a continuous mode.

How to use iVMS-4500 App on Smartphone & Tablets

Here are certain steps to start off the usage of this product. Take a look.

  • Download and install the app:

You need to go to the Google Play Store to download this app. It is beneficial to install, iVMS 4500 lite version for iPhone and Android formats. Since, both Wi-Fi and the 3G Mode is suitable, hence there is no problem in installing it as such.

install ivms-4500 apk on android

  • Setting it up for remote access:

After installation of this app, the next step is connecting with it via a network. Before clicking on the ‘device’ you will have to note the configuration of the CCTV camera. For that, you will need to give your name, registration password, address details and only then can this connection happen.

After you save these details, you need to ‘save’ the details. You can then get both ‘camera view’ and ‘live feed’ option.

  • Watch the live view feed:

This is another and the most important function of this app. In this case, there is a specific ‘starts live view’ option which will lead the operator to check out the live feed in their respective tablets and smartphones.

Apart from that, there is specific ‘live view’ button, by pressing which you can get a detailed idea of what exactly is happening, just on the screen of your tablet or smartphone. You have options as DVR and NVR camera to choose from.

live preview of ivms-4500 apk download

  • Review the video records:

In the interface of this app, you will have the ‘remote playback’ option which will lead you to a chance to review the video recordings made.

remote playback on ivms-4500 app

Note: There is just one point that you must note. This iVMS-4500 is suitable for functioning with Android OS 3.0 version in the best manner. Therefore, you just have to be a bit careful while using it for other versions.

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iVMS-4500 APK (Latest Version) Download Free
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