Home Security Camera Alfred APK Download for Android & iOS

Using camera surveillance to monitor your home, office, pets and even children is a practical way to maintain security on the things that matter while being able to accomplish other tasks such as traveling, working, or making dinner. But sadly, a CCTV system can be actually quite expensive and sometimes unaffordable. That’s why we’ve brought you a solution for you to be able to monitor everything you need by using your old smartphones and tablets as a camera. Of course, we’re talking about Home Security Camera Alfred app. And today we’ll show you to download it on your devices and all the features you can take advantage of.

Home Security Camera Alfred App Download

Luckily for you, Home Security Camera Alfred app is now an official Google Play app and it’s really easy to download it for your smartphone and tablet. All you have to do is enter the store and search for the app. Then click on the “install” button and the app will install automatically.

  • Configuring the camera and the app

To configure the camera system, you just need to download the app to as many devices as you want to use as a camera (yes, Alfred supports an unlimited number of devices). Once you’ve downloaded Home Security Camera Alfred on your devices, make sure they all are connected to the internet. And sign in into your @gmail account directly on any device you want to add and Voila!

Once you’ve accessed your Gmail account, you can start visualizing your cameras. The image would be updated every 15 seconds and you can monitor several cameras at the same time. The best part is that Home Security Camera will send a notification every time it detects movement on your cameras. Just set the camera where you need it to be and start monitoring.

home security camera alfred apk download

  • Activating the camera motion notification

Just select the camera you want to activate. Now hit the motion button in the right lower corner and click “on”, then hit the setting button on the upper right corner and tap “notify me”. Now you can be alert to any movement.

motion notification of home security camera

  • Activating the 2-way talk

Home Security Camera Alfred allows you to use the bidirectional function on your smartphone and tablet so you can talk to the monitored cameras. It works just like a walkie-talkie. You just need to maintain the “microphone” button while talking and releasing it to hear.

live chat with home security camera alfred

Other features of Home Security Camera

  • It has an “on-screen” button to indicate the battery level on the camera.
  • You can add other @gmail accounts as a “trust circle” so others can help you monitor your cameras
  • The length of the videos varies between 5 and 30 seconds and it depends on the algorithm.
  • You can access a web viewer on Mozilla to monitor the cameras from a computer.
  • The latest version allows sharing the videos and creates an inexhaustible link so you can actually save your vids.

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Home Security Camera Alfred APK Download for Android & iOS
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